Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Relationship Marketing And

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Relationship Marketing and Ethical Standards. It needs to be at least 250 words. Teacher Why is the relationship between the buyer and seller increasingly important to successful B2B marketing practices? B2B business relationship is no different from the relationship between a retailer and a consumer where the seller/retailer has to provide excellent products at competitive prices with an excellent customer service or after sales support. The only difference is that there two business entity involved where one is a customer. The principle applies to make B2B marketing practice to be successful – the seller has to provide quality products or services and it has to be delivered according to schedule because delay would cost the customer(the other business) in addition to a tarnished reputation in the market because the business customer has also customers who are dependent to its products and/or services. In addition to quality, competitive price and promptness of delivery, the seller has to be reliable also that the same product of service can be had for as long as there is a demand.

(2) How would a marketing manager or management team overcome the difficulties faced in trying to ensure ethical standards at the micro or macro level of marketing?

It is important that the company must have code of conduct that governs the ethical practice of all its employees. This removes the ambivalence and difficulty of determining which conduct is unethical and which is not. Having a clear standard of what is ethical and what is not, it would be easier for the marketing manager to ensure that ethical standards at the micro or macro level of marketing is present because all he has to do is to implement the company’s code of ethical conduct. The employees concerned also know the guidelines that should govern their acts in the company making it easier for the marketing manager have ethics in his department.

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