Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Occupational Stress And Jo

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Stewart is quite different in the ways she thinks. While dealing with matters, instead of an intellectual appeal, she gives importance to works in career terms. Being aware of her managerial and decision-making skills, Stewart always looks forward to opportunities to improve her skills further yet. Accepting the projects or works as an opportunity can be regarded to be more right way than taking it as ‘favor doing’. Stewart realizes that as a lawyer, she could have satisfied the client saying ‘I would really like to do that project’. Moreover, those who succeed in their work are not just sitting for the work in the last minutes but take it as a challenge and they are neither irresponsible nor absent-minded even in the cleanliness of their desks.

Stewart realizes that successful people are very energetic in doing the projects. She feels that the ‘male model’ is some sort of ‘challenge’ characteristic by which one seems to be attacking the work and then making it wonderful. According to her finding out, the male model is frenetic style, by which they put much efforts and energy in a way more quickly moving fast and jumping around. ‘To be specific’ in dealing with clients is as imperative as the quality of the work. Stewarts finds that those guys who are very specific in approaches having absolutely right and accurate answers for everything they deal with are successful in satisfying clients. People want to get a specific answer like what exactly they have to do instead of giving a few choices and asking them to pick one. Stewart finds that she is different from male colleagues in the way of personal or involvement with people. She was even uncomfortable to have lunch with clients and staying away from most public meetings or parties. People who do best are never self-aware of what they do.

Case Analysis

Occupational stress and Job satisfaction

Stress, in general, can be defined as the reaction of individuals to demands (stressors) imposed upon them (Erkutlu & Chafra, 2006). It refers to situations where the well-being of individuals is detrimentally affected by their failure to cope with the demands of their environment (Erkutlu & Chafra, 2006). It is a mental and physical condition of dissatisfaction which affects an individual’s effectiveness, creativity, and even personal thoughts. Isabel Stewart is dissatisfied with the job as there is one male worker who takes over big deals which are supposed to be handled by her as she is more senior and experienced.

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