Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Is Sickle Cell Pain Adequa

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Is sickle cell pain adequately managed in a hospital setting. It needs to be at least 3000 words. The latter is a synthesis of researches from the main contributors on the same study.

The two medical research articles to be presented in this critique will be analyzed in six (6) parts. (1) First is on the statement of the research problem. For the research problem, this section will find out if the problems stated or implied in the two research articles are clear, researchable, and related to field-nursing. The first part will also examine the competence and qualifications of the researchers who conducted the research. (2) The second part is concerned about the literature review. In this section, the relevance, comprehensiveness, currency, and logic of the literature reviews will be evaluated. (3) The third part of this critique studies on the study design. It consists of the study design, discussion of the theoretical framework and the statements of the hypothesis. (4) The fourth is about the data collection. It identifies the data collection methods used in the research articles including the justifications of the usage of these methods. This part also talks about the validity and reliability of the data collection methods. (5) Next part tackles the data analyses of the two articles. This section analyses the appropriateness and descriptiveness of the analysis methods on the data. The analysis methods involve the presentation of findings in the form of tables, graphs, and charts and also some discussions. (6) The last part discusses the conclusions and recommendations presented in the two researches for future studies. This section tends to evaluate if the conclusions presented justify their purposes.

In Thomas, Wilson-Barnett, and Goodhart’s research article, they state the problem concerning the difficulty of the management of pain on patients with sickle cell disease. They state the problem by saying the current state in the pain management of sickle cell disease in hospitals.

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