Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Federal Taxation And Chari

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Federal Taxation and Charitable Organizations. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Individuals managing charitable organizations are human just like anyone else. This implies that they possess a quality of greed and would always want to enrich themselves from the positions of leadership and management. Charitable organizations just as any other organization, therefore, require a degree of accountability. Before donating to a charity organization, it becomes prudent to evaluate and analyze the administrative structures of an organization, its projects and its ability to achieve its goals. In doing this, the researcher in this context selects three of such organizations he believes are most deserving and analyses their structures thus justifying his selection based on the quality of management in the organizations and the effectiveness of the philanthropic projects the organizations run within the country. Anyone donating always hopes to help the people. With this understanding, the research investigates the ability of the selected charitable organizations to influence the lives of the public.

The three charitable organization selected for the review are United Way, Feeding America and The Task Force for Global Health. The three are among the largest and most popular charitable organizations in the United States, the three in various sectors of the society and run various charitable programs all of which seek to improve the social wellbeing of the American citizenry. The three organizations enjoy a national outlook owing to their ability to infiltrate the country. As the largest charitable organizations, the&nbsp.three-run different projects in all the states of the country. Additionally, their large structures are a portrayal of effective management that upholds the ethical values of management key among which is accountability.&nbsp.As discussed earlier, accountability is a feature of effective management that ensures that an individual’s donations benefit the targeted population.

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