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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on EQ Industrial Services (EQIS) Plant Explosion. It needs to be at least 2750 words. This threatened the lives of people residing near the plant, with evacuation of about 17,000 residents. After the accident, a majority of them had to seek medical attention as a result of the contamination. The plant is a handler of a variety of industrial waste, ranging from household chemicals like sulfur, fertilizer, pesticides and chlorine to paints and solvents.

EQ Industrial Services, Inc. is an environmental service company founded in 1997, and is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It provides transportation, remediation, industrial cleaning including hazardous waste disposal and recycling, waste handling services including treatment and storage, and emergency services to its municipal and industrial clients. The explosion caused the evacuation of residents. and two weeks later, a chemical reaction exploded forcing emergency crews to evacuate businesses that were located near the plant. The reaction drum contained a solution of sodium metal that ignites on exposure to air or water. Reports claimed that the fumes from the reaction caused burning eyes, was because of chlorine exposure.

Ironically, the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources had approved the company’s cleanup plan a day before. Following the accident, EQ Industrial was pinned down and asked to provide a written report on the cause of the explosion and the precautionary measures it had issued to the public. The Environmental Quality Company, which houses highly toxic chemicals, was also at the fire site. The presence of dangerous chemicals rendered fire fighters helpless, and they were forced to watch the flames die out on their own. The fire saw 18 people hospitalized, including nine residents who complained of respiratory distress and one fire fighter who experienced nausea and respiratory problems, and another eight law enforcement officers. This report will recount on the causes, effects and the recommendations associated with this kind of explosion, which was primarily believed to result from chlorine exposure. Symptoms of the victims of the accident as a result of chemical exposure Pulmonary edema and respiratory distresses are among the effects of inhaling high concentrations of chlorine in such an accident. Patients who are exposed to chlorine are prone to immediate onset of rapid breathing, rales, hemoptysis, wheezing or blue discoloration of the skin. Some patients may experience prolonged pulmonary injury resulting in collapse of the lungs and possible death. The lowest lethal concentration exposure is 430 ppm in 30 minutes duration. Reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) is a chemical irritant asthma that may results due to exposure to chlorine. The smaller diameter of children’s airways makes them more vulnerable to corrosive agents than adults – they are also vulnerable to gas due to their increased minute ventilation per kilogram and failure of evacuating exposed areas. Long-term exposure to chlorine can lead to cancer, teeth corrosion, flulike symptoms and a possibility of acquiring RADS. Pathophysiology of chlorine, which was exposed in this accident Chlorine is a noncombustible gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, with a characteristic greenish-yellow color. The effects of the upper and lower respiratory tract are as a result of chlorine’s solubility to water – this is what caused respiratory complains by some victims. This solubility characteristic cause prolonged exposure as it delays the onset of upper airways symptoms for a number of minutes. Moreover, chlorine is denser than air.

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