Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Devices Employed In Curren

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Devices employed in Current affairs Program and the News Program. It needs to be at least 1000 words. This paper compares and contrasts the manner in which information in current affairs programs and regular news program is disseminated with respect to communication devices. In order to effectively achieve this, it focuses on the way BBC television news and CNN current affairs program covered the Casey Anthony’s case.

BBC (2011) news makes use of the images, as well as sound. It features how the jury comprising of seven women and five men ended up in the rejection of the prosecutions that Ms. that Anthony was responsible for the murder of Caylee. The news describes that Ms. Anthony had been accused of dosing her with chloroform, making her suffocate using tape and dumping her body in the woods. However, the accused was found to be guilty of relative petty offenses such as child neglect. As this is done, the image of Ms. Anthony is presented. Each time the information is described, the pictures in the proceeding are features in real images, breaking the monotony of vision of the news anchor.

The news offers a description of the appearance of the accused during the verdict delivery session. Here, Ms. Anthony, who faced a death sentence if found guilty, cried in the quiet. The moments after the jury left the room, she went about hugging her lawyers tightly while she sobbed. All these are not only presented in words, but also in images. The News offers the description of the amount of time that Ms. Anthony had spent in jail while awaiting her trial, and also talks about the time that her release was expected.

She had been made to spend about two and a half years in jail while she waited for trial. She was to be expectedly released soon, despite the minor offenses that she had been found guilty. This is because she had already served enough time in jail. Images of the state of the parents and even the prosecutors during the court proceedings are featured. Ms. Anthony’s parents had sat quietly as they listened to the proceedings of the court.

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