Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Child Exploitation In War

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Child Exploitation in War. It needs to be at least 1000 words. ets walking through the rubble of destruction and relatively large children carrying revolvers and AK-47s[5, page2] on their still underdeveloped shoulders. At least two million children have died in last decade as a result of wars waged by adults. many targeted as non-combatants or killed in action as soldiers. And three times that number were injured and disabled [1, page 1].

Carol in [1, page 2] discusses how the last decade (90s period has witnessed development of new laws and UN backing the cause to immune children from the ills of wars and conflicts. Irrespective of the winners of war, damage is inevitable to both sides in terms of destruction and civilian killings. She also lays importance on the education factor and its importance in reviving (and in less effect quarantine) children from war`s blow.

Ethnic conflicts witnessed recently (middle east Palestine-Israel border and Afghanistan etc) and still going on in mainly parts of Africa has seen local militia enrolling brain washed children with weapons and ready to fight like a hero in the eyes of local public. In Children and War, J Pearn gives thorough insight into the “changes” that are brought into the lives of children who experience the conflicts and wars. First of all, there are injuries and even loss of body parts (mainly limbs, due to lad mine explosions, and shooting & shelling that goes on in their neighborhood). It is a common noticeable fact that elderly people and small children have relatively weak immune system, hence they can`t cope up with fatal injuries and post traumatic shock in post war scenario. Children age group between 8-18 years is a growing body and mind.

Early life experiences and situations are etched in human minds for a long time and help in developing our personalities and attitudes toward life.

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