Health Care Hq Comprehensive Assessment Review Technology Improvement Plan Versi

Part 1

The new network administrator at Health Care HQ wants to be clear about your duties as the system administrator. In 1 paragraph, you will provide the following:

  • Explain your job duties to the new network administrator.
  • Include an explanation about the differences between the role of the system administrator and the role of the network administrator.

Part 2

Technology Assessment: Improvement Plan

A technology assessment is a systematic process. In this case, it is an assessment of the technology used at Health Care HQ. As a system administrator, you would determine and address issues concerned with the current hardware, software, and network and then try to bridge the gap with a newer system.

In this assessment, summarize all that you have learned in this course. Use the material that you have written throughout this course. The purpose of this paper is to give you a template that can also work as a model for on-the-job situations. Your paper should include the following:


  • Title page
  • Outline
  • Operating systems:Include the technology the company has now and how you intend to change it or fill the gap (Refer to the P1IP).
  • Hardware components:This should include an assessment of what you have and what you have decided to purchase for the company. You should explain your goal for standardization (Refer to the P2IP). Include warranties and service-level agreements as well.
  • Networking:This should include a schematic of the network that you would like the company to move toward. Determine if it will be a client/server network or a peer-to-peer network (Refer to the P3IP).
  • Security:Determine rules for the company that will prevent breaches of security (e.g., cameras, entrance cards, multifactor authentication, etc.). Also, think about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and how it affects a network (authentication and encryption) (Refer to the P4IP).
  • System administrators:Determine the duties of the system administrator. Explain the differences between the system administrator and the network administrator. This can be much of the material that you used in Part 1 of the P5IP.
  • Summary:Summarize your findings.
  • Reference page:Include all of your references, as applicable, from the other phases.

Complete this assignment with the attached template.

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