Hci Of Assumhydrating C Naz Co3 Hydrolic Quid Liby Sodium Carbonate Co 3 Ng Li

i dont understand what it is asking for me to do. is it asking me to find if it will react or how it will react?

HCIOf assumhydrating`[ C+Naz CO3Hydrolic quidLIBYSodium carbonateCO 3Ng -Lithium BromideBr -Summarize what you expect to see after mixing all ten possible pairs of solutions . If you expectto see a reaction , write what you expect to see ( precipitate , gas evolution , etc . ) If you do notexpect a reaction to occur , write " no rxn " . Precipitations are often noted with the symbol "pot"combinations .The greyed out areas are repeats which you need not fill in in order to determine all possibleTable 5 ( this should be done as prelab )In ClzKOHHCINaz CO 3KOHHCINaz CO 3LiBrHow many of the reactions do you expect to form precipitates ?62

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