Having A Well Designed Management Program Can Provide Many Advantages For Both T

Having a well-designed management program can provide many advantages for both the organization and the employee. Most of the time, the direct supervisor has the important role of designing an employee development plan with short- and long-term objectives. It is often integrated and used as part of the employee review to ensure the employee is developing based on these objectives. Including the employee in the development plan can help increase the motivation and “buy-in” of the employee. Short and long-term objectives can be geared to reach the employee’s desired professional growth, while still meeting the needs of the organization.

For this Discussion, consider what role the employee has in working collaboratively with his or her direct supervisor to set short- and long-term objectives for the employee development plan. Consider who has the most accountability for ensuring the proper objectives are developed and met. How do these two roles work collaboratively to optimize this outcome?

In 250 words Post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

In examining a performance management process, what are an employee’s role and responsibilities in working collaboratively with his or her direct supervisor to develop short- and long-term objectives in the plan? Who should be responsible for ensuring the objectives are being met? Who has accountability for ensuring that measurable objectives are developed and met?

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