Have You Noticed How Many New Flavors Of Oreo Cookies Now Exist At Your Favorite

Have you noticed how many new flavors of Oreo cookies now exist at your favorite store? While reviewing viral videos and social media sites, Oreo comes up with new and unique ways to experiment with eating its cookie. Ultimately, this type of promotion helps them personally sell its new products.

Consider what you have learned about Oreo from this case study and how it has developed a new Snack Hack social media campaign along with a Vine content area with six second videos to connect with Oreo fans. Read how Oreo has developed a new Web promotion with a video series of top food innovators posting their new creative Oreo recipes.

What are your thoughts about using social media to engage customers? How should Oreo continue to engage customers, and how could it convert the social media excitement into potential product and revenue growth?

After you have read through the entire case study, post your responses to each of the questions below. For your answer to the third question, you should include a full discussion of at least two possible alternatives. For your response to the fourth and fifth question, respond as those you are the marketing manager of this company.

  1. What is the decision facing Oreo?
  2. What factors are important in understanding this decision situation?
  3. What are the possible alternatives? Fully describe at least two.
  4. Pretend you are the marketing manager at Oreo. What decision(s) do you recommend?
  5. What are some ways to implement your recommendation?
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