have you ever completed an employee engagement survey? if yes, did

 Have you ever completed an Employee Engagement Survey? If yes, did your organization hold feedback meetings to share survey results? Further, did the company make any changes based on the survey results? Incorporate two peer reviewed articles in addition to our required readings to share why clear feedback and communication is so critical during the employee engagement survey process. Be sure to emphasize the impact on employee performance and morale. Post should be at least 400 words

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So a little back ground info in regards to question that will help you out I’m part of my commands climate representative team, we just did a recent command survey that had a lot of negative opinions in regard to the command. Communication, favoritism, lack of motivation and negative retention. 

 We then conducted a focus group with random people around the command about the negative feedback on the surveys and they went further into details so overall the command sits at a negative rating