Have Difficulties Determining Where To Place Various Transactions Debit Credit C

 have difficulties determining where to place various transactions. debit/credit columns, what journals they belong on. What is the easiest way for me to get this?investment of 10.00

purchase on acct 25-terms 2/10 n/30

purc equi on acct 500

purch merchandise cash 100

purc merc on acct 50 1/10 n/30

sold mer on acct 700 terms 2/10 n/30

cash weeky sales 900

ret’d merch credit memo 200

paid salaries600

withdrew 500 form business personal use

paid power bill 60/

this is very confusing to me. please help with sorting out where these items belong.

thank you

AccountCashOwner’s equity DebitCredit10001000 EquipmentAccounts payable 25 EquipmentAccounts payable 500 Merchandise inventoryAccounts payable 25 5005050 Accounts receivableSales revenue…

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