Good Pm Can You Please Help Please Read Instructions Attached I Will Need To Dis

Good pm!

Can you please help. Please read instructions attached. 

I will need to disclose the name of the person helping with the Statistics to my professor. She is aware that I am seeking help, as statistics it is not my specialty. 

I need someone professional to do this job. 

I need it done before Sunday 03/17/2019 at lunch 

If you do take this job, please I need some one that is professional, that will do a good job. 

The project is fairly simple, I just don’t have time to do it, as I am working on other things to complete this project. 

Please attach graphics, tables and anything else relavant in the slides provided. If more slides are needed, then add more. 

**I have updated statistics. Please review


Tania T

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