Given The Polar Point 6 13n 4 Find Two Other Polar Expressions For The Point On

Need help. Please show step by step solution so that i could follow along. Thank you.

Given the polar point (6, -13n/4) Find two other polar expressions for the point, one with a negative r value, and another with a positive rvalue. Use exact values. Convert the polar point (6, -13n/4) into rectangular coordinates (x,y). Compute the coordinates exactly‘ Fill in the blanks in the listed polar points (r, 9) below, to satisfy the polar function r = 2 + 4sin(29). Find all ofthese points exactly,Given 6 = 41/4, find r. ( -n/4) Given 9 = n/6, find r4 (# n/G)Given r = 0, find 9, (O, _) Graph the polar function r = 2 + 4sin(26). Locate and label on your graph the three points you found above in problem

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