Favorite movie list | Computer Science homework help

Using Bootstrap, create a page that enables you to enter a list of your favorite movies. For example, you can enter the list “Star Wars”, “King Kong”, “Memento”, or any movie that you want.

Ensure that you satisfy the following requirements:

  • Each movie should have a title and director.
  • Display the list of movies in an HTML table. Use the Bootstrap class=”table table-striped” attribute to style the HTML table.
  • Each row should include a Delete button. When you click the Delete button then a modal dialog should appear to confirm the delete.
  • There should be an Add button on the page. The Add button should show a modal dialog that contains a form for adding a new movie.
  • Ensure that you use Bootstrap classes — such as the form-group and form-control classes — when creating the form for adding a new movie.

You should store the list of movies in a JavaScript array. When you add a new movie by submitting the form then you should add the new movie to the array. When you delete an existing movie with the Delete button then you should remove the movie from the array.