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Initial posts should be at least one paragraph (4-8 sentences) per question. In the discussion boards, students have discussed many perspectives on the role of race, class, gender, education, government, etc. in our society. It seems there are varying opinions on how our values impact the way we see identity and institutions

1.)Go to YouTube and watch 2-3 videos (of your choice) on “Liberalism vs. Conservatism.”


2.)In your own words, define the two terms.


3.)With an informed opinion, explain which best aligns with your personal beliefs and values? What perspective is best for improving the quality of life of Americans? Do you have information from the textbook or another source to support your perspective?

Discussion Board

Grading Criteria

Point Value

The initial response is extremely well-written containing relevant information regarding the topic. The response includes details and incorporates examples that accurately reflect the concept being discussed. Correct grammar and punctuation is utilized. The student uses external sources in addition to the course textbook to inform his or her response.