Deliverable #2: research instruments | Marketing homework help

moderator / discussion guide and survey questionnaires. See formatting examples of corresponding questions in both formats, qualitative and quantitative, for each research instrument explained in module recording and module PPT as well as uploaded examples. 

Deliverables (4 documents) include the following:

Moderator Discussion Guide Questionnaire Aligned by Research Objectives

Survey Questionnaire Aligned by Research Objectives

Moderator / Discussion Guide – for use qualitative interviews / focus groups with questions in correct order: The focus group moderator guide or questionnaire is your interviewing outline. You use it during a focus group or depth interview. The guide, as its name implies, guides the interview and includes all the questions and topics to be addressed. The moderator typically writes the guide, which contains topics, questions, and activities for an interview. Questions are typically open-ended and include probing questions to prompt the moderator to dive deeper into the subject.

Survey questionnaire – for quantitative surveys to include two (2) open-ended questions with questions in correct order: the survey questionnaire includes questions in the format of close-ended questions providing the screened participant potential answers. Questions must be clear and may include an open field to provide the participant the option to fill an answer they may not see listed. Additionally, open-ended questions can be added in a moderate amount to encourage survey completion.