Database design continued | Computer Science homework help

Use the attached database to complete the following assignment:


You will be modifying the frmMainMenu to call the caption of each button from the table MainMenu and form or the report.


1)      Create a table MainMenu with at least 3 fields: ID, caption, and form or report to run


2)      Your code (for the button) will dynamically read the caption from the table and assign it to the button


HINT: Variables (table name) in other areas of the code should not be “hard-coded”. If for example a Table name changes in the database it should be reflected in the menu. I do not need to go into the code and look for all entries for the hard-coded name of the table. Dynamic caption means should the name of any table change – the caption on the button for that table must change as well. Test it out …


3)      Your code (for the button) will dynamically read the form/report name and will run when you press the button.



HINT: Like the hint for #2 above do the same for the reports. No names should be hard-coded. This prevents errors in the long run which often break a program, and maintenance does not become a nightmare!! This approach is a widely utilized practice amongst professional developers in support of friendly user experience enhancements! Our users want to be able to press buttons that are logical, practical, and smart.