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Collaborating Using Social Media Worksheet

Complete this worksheet by answering the following questions. In Part A, write each response as a minimum 150-word academic paragraph. Be clear and concise, and explain your answers. If you cite any sources, use APA format. In Part B, answer each statement with a specific example and an explanation in one to two sentences. 

Part A

1. What is social media? Why is it an important component of social learning?

2. Discuss the role of participation within the collaborative social media environment. Why is participation such a critical component of social learning?

3. When would using video sources, such as YouTube® or Vimeo®, be important? Visit one of these online video sources and locate a training video designed to educate. Provide the link and discuss how this video enhanced the learning process for its intended audience.

4. What is a wiki? When would this be an appropriate channel for transferring knowledge? Provide an example of how a wiki might be used within an organization to enhance employee learning.

Part B

1. You are in charge of training at a large organization whose primary function is ensuring that inventory that arrives at various warehouses is checked in and accounted for properly. A new process will make checking in inventory faster, less expensive, and more efficient. Which social media tool would be most useful in presenting training for this new process? Explain your response.

2. What is the difference between social media for personal use and social media for professional learning? Why are these distinctions important?

3. What are some issues to consider when launching new social media tools within an organization? Why is setting guidelines for use important when using social media for training purposes?

4. Why is it important to consider diverse levels of awareness, along with diverse comfort levels, regarding technology and the use of social media? How might you encourage those who are hesitant to try social media tools for professional development?