Cisc115 experience the program development process

CISC115 Lab #4                                                                                                      


Interactive keyboard input

Using String objects

Edit/compile/execute sequence to run a java program

Modify previous program

Experience the program development process

Problem Analysis (problem description, inputs, outputs)

algorithm (flowchart)




Exercise responsible work ethic for the IT field


Question Modify Lab 2 to input values for principle, interest and time from the keyboard. Use the example for the area of a circle problem  in the powerpoint slides (from Day 5) to model your program after.


Lab requirements:

Run with the original data so you know what answer to expect, then run with another set of realistic values for a mortgage problem.


Program Development Steps:

            Write out your rough draft of the program

            Debug checking with answer from lab 2      


Hand in:

            Final program file fully commented (.java)

            Hard copy interactions (copy to .txt file)