Christensen’s, the innovator’s dilemma, ch.10 case study of electric


Review and analyze the following material:

  • Christensen’s, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Ch.10 Case Study of Electric Cars

Refer to the above material for your 4-5 paragraph discussion of the following:

Electric cars have come a long way! Now we also are seeing disruptive technology in the form of self-driving vehicles.

Consider how the electric car and self-driving vehicle pose a legitimate disruptive threat to companies making traditional vehicles. In what ways do they constitute an opportunity for profitable growth? In what ways could they lead to potential failure? Think outside the box.

To measure market needs, would you watch carefully what customers do, not simply listen to what they say? Why or why not?

Christensen writes, “I would not… follow the lead of other automakers in my search for customers.” Why wouldn’t he? Should we advise to hold “back from the market, waiting for laboratory researchers to develop a breakthrough battery technology?” Why or why not? Why is it that “no one can learn from market research what the early market(s) for electric vehicles [or self-driving vehicles] will be?” What kind of a plan will his business plan be? What markets does he guess at?

Why do disruptive technologies and new distribution channels frequently go hand-in-hand and what does this mean for electric cars and self-driving vehicles?

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