Case study 4 pages apa – need by tomrrow 9/10/2021


Visit to watch Michael Porter’s video (Links to an external site.) on why business can be good at solving social problems: 

After reviewing the case and watching the video, answer the following  questions. Be sure to use outside resources and your textbook to  validate your responses.

  1. In today’s global business environment, does the physical location of a business matter?
  2. Do you agree or disagree that business can solve social problems? Justify your answer

 4 Pages long without TOC and refernce page. 

  • After the cover page, the TOC (Table of Content) must follow. MS  Word has automated approach to do that. You don’t need to key in any  word for this part! Just ask me in our class meeting if you need further  explanations.
  • At the end of each report, there should be a Conclusion/Summary and Bibliography or References and Citations. APA format must always be followed in any report.
  • One team member (Usually the Team Leader) will be responsible of finalizing each report