Case- 3-24. the dinteman company (document analysis)

Chapter 3: Case Analyses 3-24 (The Dinteman Company)

3-24. The Dinteman Company (Document Analysis)
The Dinteman Company is an industrial machinery and equipment manufacturer with several production departments. The company employs automated and heavy equipment in its production departments. Consequently, Dinteman has a large repair and maintenance department (R&M department) for servicing this equipment.
The operating efficiency of the R&M department has deteriorated over the past two years. For example, repair and maintenance costs seem to be climbing more rapidly than  other department costs. The assistant controller has reviewed the operations of the R&M department and has concluded that the administrative procedures used since the early  days of the department are outmoded due in part to the growth of the company. In  the opinion of the assistant controller, the two major causes for the deterioration are an  antiquated scheduling system for repair and maintenance work, a

. Prepare a document flowchart to show how the Repair/Maintenance Service Request and the Repair/Maintenance Work Order should be coordinated and used among the departments of Dinteman Company to request and complete the repair and maintenance work, to provide the basis for charging the production departments for the cost of the completed work, and to evaluate the performance of the repair and maintenance department. Provide explanations in the flowchart as appropriate.