Assembly program | Computer Science homework help

CSP25 Assignment 03
Converting from Big Endian to Small Endian.
Write an Assembly program that uses the variables below and MOV instruction to copy the
value from highEndian to lowEndian, reversing the order of the bytes. The number’s 32-bits
value is understood to be 12345678h as shown below

Make sure you have the following at the top of your Assembly code file. Fill it up accordingly
such as the name of the asm file will be Assignment01.asm
; Program Template (Assignment01.asm)
; Program Description: <fill this up>
; Author: <fill this up>
; Creation Date: <fill this up>
; Revisions:  <fill this up if necessary>
; Date:Modified : <fill this up if necessary>
Also make sure to document your Assembly code.

What to submit?
TWO files.
1. Copy your program and paste it to a text editor such as Notepad and save file as .txt file
then submit this text file.
2. A pdf file that has your code (copied or screenshot) and output of dumping of your