Argument for cartesian dualism between descartes and arnauld

Explain Descartes’s argument for dualism in your own words. Then, in your own words, explain how Arnauld’s triangle example is supposed to undermine Descartes’s argument. How convincing do you find Arnauld’s objection to Descartes?

Please read the files I upload.There are two cites you can use and understand Dualism.Please follow the 4 requirement i wrote below:


(1) Be sure to include a aclear and careful statement of Cartesian dualism. Be sure to discuss the relation between conceivability and possibility.


(2) The point of this paper is to explain and evaluate the debate between Descartes and Arnauld over a specific argument for Cartesian dualism. Do not Discuss your own personal opinions about dualism, and do not discuss other possible argument for or against dualism