Annotated bibliography/powerpoint/list | English homework help

Annotated Bibliography


Find 3 academic journal articles on the educational system ofFrance.Do not use information gathered on web sites; these must be published academic journal articles. For example, go to Google Scholar you could search French teacher education.


Create a reference page listing the 3 articles in APA format in a Word document. After each reference, insert a 150-word minimum annotation (summary/critique).Do not copy the article abstract.




Create a PowerPoint presentation that you would use if lecturing to a high school or college class about the history of education in France.Use minimal text in the slides, so as not to clutter the screen. Focus on visual representations, charts, pictures, and graphs. 


In the speaker notes, outline what you would say verbally to the class for each slide using bulleted phrases. Do not insert regular, narrative paragraphs.


Make the final slide a reference page of sources for the PowerPoint. They may be the same ones you use for the annotated bibliography. Your textbook, of course, may be one of your references. You must cite at least 4 sources using proper APA format.

“Who’s Who” List


In a Word document, create a list of the top 3 influential persons in the history of education in France. List the name, birth–death years, and insert a picture of each of your individuals. You will compose a one-paragraph (6–7 sentences) profile similar to those found in a “Who’s Who in Education” book.


Include at least 1 reference in APA format. The reference can be your textbook, taken from your Annotated Bibliography, or another source.