2. using the site’s topic or subject browse feature (use search only

Using the site’s topic or subject Browse feature (use Search only in OER Commons), locate the Disease(s) or Illnesses section. It will be a little different for each digital library, but each one does contain resources about Diseases.   3. Have a look at the items in the section. Be sure to look at the Record Details as well as the titles.   4. When you have had a look at the records, as a group, please compose a post in which your share your ideas about these questions:  Do you know of a site similar to the one you reviewed? How do you think the one you reviewed compares (favorably, unfavorably and strengths, weaknesses) How many resources were there? Did you see any resources that were dead links or inappropriate for the intended audience? Which resources did you feel were of particularly high quality? Which did not seem very high quality? How did you make this determination? What did you like about the full records that accompanied each resource? How might the records have been improved? What did you want to know that the records did not contain? How can you envision using these records or resources in your collection development practice?